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Our new school values mural takes centre stage in the playground.

Our Netball Team come second in the inter-EPA tournament. Well done!

Our Year 6 children all pass their Cycle Training course. Congratulations.

The whole school community came together for our Pop UK Christmas Concert and retold the Christmas story through lively songs and dance.

St John's house team achieved the most number of house points in the autumn term so were rewarded with a trip to the Witney Shake Shop.

Our Street Dance club performed at the Oxford New Theatre in the Oxfordshire School Dance Festival.

Our new sports competition kit arrives ready for a year of competitions. 

Our Anti-Bullying Ambassadors led an assembly explaining what bulliyng is (and isn't) and what to do about it.

We created a 'human chain' from the school to the church to deliver 112 Christmas shoe boxes filled with gifts ready to be sent of to children in Eastern Europe

At the going down of the the sun and in the the morning we will remember them.

You are never too old for school! Mr Brown shared the school's calculation strategies with parents.

Happy Autumn days of conker competitions and hot chocolate!

Sports Day 2017 was won by St John's!

Eight children took part in the Eynsham Partnership Academy swimming gala. The girls team came second and the boys team came third. The school came third overall. Well done!

We celebrated Red Nose Day by coming to school in ‘something red’, wearing red noses and selling red nose cakes. During our assembly we talked about where the money raised would be going how our ‘giving’ linked to our values of LOVE and COMPASSION.

Some children took part in a Big Draw day at Bartholomew with a professional artist. Kit, Eddie, Ella and Orla will be using the skills they have learned to support teaching staff lead the Big Draw STEAM Stop Day that will link Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths.

Dahl Class visited the Oxford Museum as part of their Vikings Topic. They enthusiastically threw themselves into some role play!

The children in Donaldson Class were entertained by the famous poet John Foster who came in for a morning to share some of his poems and write one with him.

Shakespeare class attended the Injury Minimization Programme for Schools (IMPS) in Witney and learned what to do in an emergency.

We celebrated Word Book Day with a ‘just for fun’ competition of dressing up a vegetable or piece of fruit as a book character. We also asked the children to do some ‘extreme reading’ and take a picture of themselves reading a book in an ‘extreme’ place.

Year 4, 5 and 6 had a great time on thier residential. They pushed themselves to scale heights they never thought they would or could!

Well done to Oliver, Alfie, Orla, Chanice, Isabelle and Isabella for demonstrating their violin and cello skills during our Achievement Assembly.

The Nursery had a special morning to celebrate their topic on Traditional Fairy Tales by having a porridge party. There were a few bears, plenty of princesses but no Goldilocks to steal the porridge, break a chair or sleep in a bed!

Standlake Under 11s Athletics Team came second in the Indoor Athletics Competition held at Bartholomew Secondary School.

Blake class visited Bartholomew school to participate in a Gymnastics festival. They worked with children from others schools and choreographed some impressive routines.

The children took part in a Prayer Spaces Day where they learnt that praying can be anywhere, anytime and done in any way you like.

Blake Class went to the Ashmolean Museum as part of their ‘Night at the Museum’ Topic

Blake Class recreated the Great Fire of London out on the school field. Thankfully there was a very modern fireman (Mr Hardy) and controlled explosion man (Mr Todeschini) to keep things safe!

Dahl class spent a day doing an Art Project with Jessie Whealy as part of our 67 Get Inspired project.

During our Wonder Wednesday assembly Sarah Montegu visited us from the Jewish synagogue to talk to us about her faith. It gave the children an opportunity to put questions of someone with a different belief.

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