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Chair, EPA Appointed Governor: Mark Turner

Vice-Chair, Resources, Parent: Louise Weldon

Foundation Governor, Performance and Standards Chair: Jennifer Macdonald

Parent Governor, Resources Chair: Matthew Bowden

Diocesan Foundation Governor, Performance and Standards: Billie Tweedie

Diocesan Foundation Governor, Resources: Hilary Sharrocks

Parent Governor, Performance and Standards: Tom Walwyn

Parent Governor, Performance and Standards: Mary Wallbutton

EPA Appointed Governor, Performance and Standards: Jonathan Stevens

Headteacher - P & S, Resources, Staff: Andrew Denham

Teacher Governor - Staff: Stacey Conroy

Staff Governor -  Staff: Sue Peachy

Clerk of Governors: Lucy Dickinson

None of the current governors work in other schools.

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SEND Report to Governors 2015-16: SEND Report

Minutes from the Local Governing Body 2017 & 2018

21st Janaury 2018
30th November 2017 and Head Teachers Report
2nd February 2017 and Head Teachers Report
22nd March 2017 and Head Teachers Report
29th June 2017 and Head Teacher Report




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