• Belong
  • Believe
  • Build

‘The children will reach their potential by belonging to a supportive and inclusive community, believing in themselves, each other and Christian values and building on their successes’

We become great when we allow our values to take root within our souls and live by them. Our new school mural is one of the first things you see as you come into the school grounds and is a reminder that we want our values to be the signpost to what we say and do, with the different people we meet.

COMPASSION and TOLERANCE drives our behaviour to help those in need and accept others differences so that we have an inclusive education and community for the least to the most able and those who are vulnerable.

HONESTY ensures that we tell the truth in our interactions between each other, so that we celebrate what is good and challenge what needs to be better. This is done in an environment of LOVE that ensures respect, care and trust in our relationships.

FORGIVENESS encourages our school community to give and accept an apology, so that we are able to work alongside each other in a climate where it is OK to make mistakes in our work and relationships. We are human so don’t always get things right but when we make mistakes we can reflect on how to do things differently next time.

THANKFULNESS encourages us to be grateful for what we have so that we can celebrate and share the variety of gifts that have been given to us: academic, extra-curricular and social.

Welcome to Standlake Church of England Primary School.

Andrew Denham

 Headteacher: Mr. Andrew Denham

School Administrators: Mrs Clare Priestley-Smith and Jo Barrass

Chair of Governors: Mark Turner

SEN Co-ordinator: Andrew Denham

Standlake Church of England Primary School, Church End, Standlake OX29 7SQ, Tel/Fax: 01865 300454 office.3127@standlake.oxon.sch.uk

Standlake School is part of the Eynsham Partnership Academy: EPA (Eynsham Partnership Academy), Witney Road, Eynsham, Oxfordshire
OX29 4AP, Telephone: 01865 881430 admin@epa-mat.org


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